Cabby’s Spiced Rum 70cl

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70cl bottle

The first-ever Spiced Rum produced in the heart of London!

Flavour profile:

Violet-vanilla complex with, clove and ginger, like having a bite of honey lavender Macarons while sipping a dark and stormy cocktail. Plenty of caramel notes, definitely one for those with a bit of a sweet tooth!


Popular Rum ‘n’ Cola with lime, Rum ‘n’ Ginger beer, Rum ‘n’ Tonic or your favourite rum cocktails.

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Traditionally produced from 100% cane molasses, we ferment, distil and mature Cabby’s Rum at our distillery at Mile End.



– Rum – Flavoured – Spiced Bronze 2019
– Rum & Ginger Beer – Bronze 2019

Fun Fact:

The Rum Ration replaced the Beer Ration and were served neat at 100 proof. It is said that sailors would check its strength by dosing gunpowder with rum and the gunpowder would still burn, “proof” that the rum is pure.

2 reviews for Cabby’s Spiced Rum 70cl

  1. Victoria Porritt (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Spicy and slightly sweet. So happy to have found this rum.

  2. Ali

    This rum is so distinctive. The flavour is delicious and it’s not got that sickly sweet cheap taste the main brands have.
    Moses and Bianca offer the best and friendliest service by far too!

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